Broken or Damaged Braces

How to Handle Damages to your Dental Braces

When your dental braces get damaged, it could be a sad experience. You have spent a significant quantity of money on them, and also you’re likely a couple of years into the straightneing procedure. Busted dental braces could mean you have to wear them longer than you planned, or in a worst-case circumstance, you could deal with various other long-term tooth problems if the break is severe.

See the following ideas to assist with you damaged braces while you make arrangements with an orthodontist.

Your orthodontist gave you an unique item of orthodontic wax when your braces were set up. The steel brackets of your dental braces are cemented to your teeth with a material adhesive. If a bracket comes loose or is irritating your cheek or gums, you could protect them inside with wax up until you can make it to your dental visit.

If you do have a cable break, you shouldn’t try to flex or control it as it still might be affixed to other braces. it is better to protect the end with orthodontic wax.

If you have no more orthodontic wax, you can make use of a pencil eraser in a pinch.

Spacers can occasionally fall out. If one of the metal bands comes loose don’t try to place it back on. Call a dentist asap and they’ll be able to determine if it has to be sealed back on promptly or if it could wait till your next adjustment visit.